Eiffel PS/2-to-Atari interface.
We are very sorry but due to many reasons Jookie
decided to not continue the making and selling of Eiffel interfaces.

You can use this interface to connect almost any type of PS/2 keyboard and mouse instead of original Atari keyboard and mouse.

This project is GPL-like developed by Laurent Favard ( where you can find schematics and firmware to download. You can also download newer firmware from or

You can buy this interface from Lavrent Favard ( - price: 39 Euro + postal fees or
Lyndon Amsdon ( - price: 40 £ (60 Euro) + postal fees or
from us ( - price: 25 Euro + postal fees

You can buy from us one from three versions of Eiffel interface:
1. version with PS/2 connectors only (small version - picture)
2. version with PS/2 connectors onboard, and with joystick connectors on cable
3. version with PS/2 and joystick connectors onboard (picture1, picture2, picture3)
4. same as 3, but with steel plate on connectors - ideal for recased Atari in PC tower - only one screw to mount it, no need to cut any holes (picture of v4, and with cable picture of v4b).
List of people who bought Eiffels from us:
Name: Country:
Adam Klobukowski Poland
Piotr Kruzycki Poland
Christiaan Sijtsma The Netherlands
Krystal Jasmine Garnett United Kingdom
Joakim Högberg Sweden
Scott Phillips United Kingdom
Eric Kaljumagi USA
Pieter van der Meer The Netherlands
Paolo de Felice Italy
Mikro Slovakia
Expert Slovakia