Audio plugins:
All these plugins made by -XI-/Satantronic:
ACE 0.14

Tracker: ACE
Main platform: Atari Falcon
Type: softsynth + samples
Based: ACE replayer by Thomas/New Beat
Chanels: 16
AON 0.4

Tracker: ArtOfNoise (Chorus)
Main platform: Amiga
Type: mixed softsynth + samples
Based: AON DSP replayer by Tat/Avena
Chanels: 4, 6, 8
Musics: about 200 musics is here: [9MB]
MP2 0.10

Main platform: all 32-bit
Type: streamed
Based: MP2Audio by NoCrew
Chanels: Mono, Stereo, Joint Stereo
Others: now support ID3 tags v1 and v2

All these plugins made by Mikro/MSB:
AmigaMOD v

Tracker: ProTracker and ...
Main platform: Amiga, ST, PC, ...
Type: samples
Based: Simplet/Fatal Design
Chanels: 4, 6, 8
DSPMOD v 0.10
Tracker: ProTracker and ...
Main platform: Amiga, ST, PC, ...
Type: samples
Chanels: 4, 6, 8
XM v 0.1
Tracker: FastTracker
Main platform: PC
Type: samples
Based: XM replayer by Squard/MSB
Chanels: 32

Last update: 22.05.2006
Version 1.01 by -XI-/Satantronic

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since 24.12.2005
All these skins made by -XI-/Satantronic. Warning!!! These skins are may be different as skins in oficial distribution, because I make this skins for Magic AES, and I all skins testing only under Magic, and Mikro as maintainer use MiNT with XaAES and he makes some changes for better(???) look under this AES!!!

[mxDefault] mxDefault

[mxMini] mxMini

[mxPOD] mxPOD

[mxSliz] mxSliz

This skin made by Krupkaj!


This is unoficial site of mxPlay. Oficial site is possible visit here.

Download mxPlay
[new version]
This is a latest version now!!! (from date: 20.5.2006)

[dead branch]
Dead branch version is one of old version. This version don't use system sliders for scrolling, ... But all skins have better look as in new version :) Try it. But this version don't have resizable playlist! Only Module info is resizable. For this version you need special skins!